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We only deliver APM qualifications that means we can provide you with the most focused learning, what that means for you is RESULTS...FAST. Our trainers and consultants work closely with the APM and take part in the development of the project management qualifications that we offer. That experience is used to give candidates the best possible opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills and gain an internationally recognised qualification. Your learning will be maximised through; • a processed based learning approach • trainers experienced in project management application • choice of delivery methods including online • one to one coaching before and during your learning 


Learning your way...

Conventional classroom learning is most commonly called for but sometimes there is a need for a different approach.

The range of qualifications developed by APM, the chartered body for the project profession, offers a progressive structure for your career development, from courses offering the ‘fundamentals’ of project management through to ‘management’ and ‘professional’ levels of understanding, requiring more advanced learning and assessment.

APM qualifications offer a clear route to achieving both the Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) and the APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) standards, recognising the competence and success of project professionals.

Introducing... LEARNING IN A BOX® - Everything you need to gain an APM project management qualification. The new version 7 supports the APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition. Tutor supported course and exam all online.

The box contains everything you need to successfully complete the course without the need to attend lectures. Contents include study guide, case study, online portal and assessments and full lectures delivered with live tutor interaction. You are also assigned a tutor who will communicate with you over a twenty week study period.

During current testing candidates say it was just like a classroom but that you could study in your own time and comfort of your own environment.

Did you know?

Investments made in developing the best processes, acquiring the most advanced technology and then implementing the latest methodologies will all prove worthless if you or your people are not using them effectively. Even if you have a large training budget (and use it regularly) you may still fail to reach the performance targets set.

Edison Personal Development have developed Fusion, Process-Based learning development and delivery which helps to ensure that participants learning is internalised and successful. This learning methodology focuses on the context of the learning and how this should be applied to increase individual output and greater organisational performance. 

For nearly 25 years Edison have worked with some of the top rated organisations in the world, that's a lot of learning and experience that our people are ready to share with you .


APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)

The ideal qualification for those starting out in project management our who's primary role is involved in having to support project activity within the organisation.

APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

If you have existing project experience or work closely with projects, this qualification will bring a lot of the project process elements to life.  Very practical in learning approach.

APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)

Ideal if you are working in existing projects, close to a management role and want to progress your professional status towards chartership.       

APM Risk certificate

If you have completed the APM PMQ you might be wondering, what's next?
If there is one thing that puts PMQ qualified project managers ahead is demonstrating a full understanding of risk management. We deliver two levels of APM certification.  

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