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Of 21,000 private companies analysed by KPMG, 60% were said to display one or more of the symptoms associated with under-performing firms, while 8% displayed three or more.  These firms had people with essential skills but were unable to manage individual performance effectively enough.  

Under-performance?: We can help!

Competence development - improves personal and business performance

Our plan for working with your organisation

Stage One: Defining scope: This stage considers the distinct purpose for creating the framework, its use, who should be involved and how the framework will be maintained, long term.

Stage Two: Research:  Collecting data is essential for the validity of the framework and ultimately its effectiveness. This stage may involve observation, interviews, work analysis and the use of questionnaires. At this stage there is also considerable research conducted into your business and its environment.

Stage Three: Competency creation: Competency groupings and sub-groupings are created and tested for relevance, accuracy and representativeness to the actual role being measured. It is common for a degree of calibration to be performed at this stage.

Stage Four: Competency implementation: The competency framework is rolled out and it is at this stage that the major communication messages will take place, reinforcing the link between the competencies being created and the organisations goals and values. Any coaching and training required will be made available. People need to know that their efforts will be supported.

Stage Five: Ongoing support and review: Usually within the first year of operation our consultants will continue to support your new framework to ensure that it has been through at least one cycle of your appraisal process. Any updating or changes will be further implemented. We will have ongoing discussions about how it will be updated, and which procedures you've put in place to accommodate changes. Any of the previous stages may be revisited to further ensure that the competency framework becomes part of the everyday management of performance within your organisation. his is the content for

Competency frameworks...

At Edison we work hard to ensure that our particular approach is adapted to your people and market, we don't have a pre-prescribed "one size fits all" flavour of the month process to where you need to put aside your experience so far and start again. In fact your experience of your business is the most valuable commodity we can use to develop an approach that's just right for you.

Competency assessment programme
Your team may be producing results, but how much better could they be?
How would you answer that question? well that's where Edison Personal Development can help. Our pro-assess competency and benchmarking process can help your organisation get fit for any project. Developed directly from the experience gained from working in a number of different markets and also recently updated to take account of changing market trends, pro-assess will help your organisation identify not only how it will measure up to the market you operate in, but how it will also compare to our increasing data from organisations that have recently used pro-assess from a wide range of industries.

Implementing competency frameworks into your business
Our competency development programmes work in three ways; ROLE PROFILING - identifying core competencies necessary for successful performance in a particular job role at a specified level, SKILLS ANALYSIS - determining whether individuals demonstrate such competencies and COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT - to help managers identify the actions and resources that ensure that individuals are able to develop competencies.

We help you develop a Competency Framework linking company objectives and individual personal performance
One of the most critical roles of any manager is be able to define and measure the effectiveness of team members. We help you define the specific skills, behaviours, and attitudes that team members need to perform their roles effectively. Our approach and experience will make sure people are not only qualified for the job but also that their performance is visible and measured, particularly the behaviours and traits needed for any particular role. 

The defined set of competencies for each role in your business, will ultimately show the kind of behaviours the organisation will value and which it requires to help achieve its objectives. Not only can your team members work more effectively and achieve their potential, but there are many business benefits to be had from linking personal performance with corporate goals and values.

On completion of our competency development plan your organisation will achieve the following:

- The performance of your people will be clearly measurable.

- More successful recruitment and training will take place.

- Performance objectives will be established more effectively.

- Identify skill and competency gaps more efficiently.

- Carry out more effective succession planning.

- Make change management processes work more efficiently.

Our approach to ensure success
We take considerable effort to ensure that the competency framework we develop will come under the ownership of the people who will be using it. This is achieved by ensuring; 

1. Those involved in doing the work should be involved in discussions about how that work will be measured and the skills necessary to achieve a distinct level of performance.

2. Everyone in the organisation will know why the competence framework is necessary and how it will be used to set and measure performance.

3. Competencies are tailored to the roles they apply to. Where possible the competencies we develop will be tailored, however there may be situations where a competency may be generic. It is important to stress that in these situations there will be evaluation periods where the generic norm will eventually be tailored to suit the role specifically.

Using competencies for talent management
We collate competency data which outlines what those people who are achieving consistent high performance need to do to be effective in their roles, and it clearly establishes what factors are contributing to their success how their roles relate to organizational goals and success.

Key Points
Creating a competency framework is an effective method to assess, maintain, and monitor the knowledge, skills, and attributes of people in your organization. The framework allows you to measure current competency levels to make sure your staff members have the expertise needed to add value to the business. It also helps managers make informed decisions about talent recruitment, retention, and succession strategies. And, by identifying the specific behaviours and skills needed for each role, it enables you to budget and plan for the training and development your company really needs.