Did you know?

Emotional intelligence is described as the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships. - Daniel Goleman, 1998.

Consider: Individual coaching

"You don't compete with products alone anymore, but how well you deploy  your people".

Introducing emotional intelligence...

Maybe you know someone yourself who was a genius in the classroom but who’s made heavy weather of their career. The reason is simple. I.Q is only one aspect of doing well. The other is our ability to empathise, to fit in, to understand, to handle others - and ourselves. We call it Emotional Intelligence or EI.

Traditionally, the emphasis when evaluating potential performance has been on intellectual; now compelling research indicates that emotional intelligence is twice as important as IQ plus technical skills for outstanding performance.  When IQ test scores are correlated with how well people perform in their careers, the highest estimate of how much difference IQ accounts for is about 25%.

What can Edison do for you and your organisation?

Edison Personal Development Ltd are accredited by the Hay Group, one of the world's leaders in developing Emotional Intelligence competences and founders of the Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI), a diagnostic questionnaire used by Edison consultants. Being accredited means that each Edison consultant has been trained by the Hay Group and their knowledge and application of Emotional Intelligence principles and tools assessed by experienced Hay consultants.


Short courses

We currently offer two short courses allowing you to experience Emotional Intelligence and it's impact on your personal development. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence A one day event, introducing the concept of Emotional Intelligence and how it can be used to improve relationships, increase personal productivity and develop your career.

Working with Emotional Intelligence

Over two days, Working with Emotional Intelligence, further expands Dr. Daniel Goleman's theories of how emotional intelligence is more important than IQ, specifically in relation to today's fluid work environment. Working with Emotional Intelligence is a must do for anyone interested in maximising their potential. The course uses the Emotional Competences Inventory for effective personal emotional competence training, and points the way for individuals to better themselves and their organisations in the face of these increasingly unstable times.

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

One of the most effective ways of increasing individual performance is to commence a programme of coaching using ECI and an experience coach from Edison. Individual Coaching Programmes Edison provide a full range of coaching and mentoring services, whether you require coaching or require to train individuals within the organisation to become coaches, we have a selection of programmes to suit . Coaching programmes can be a one day meeting to feedback an ECI or a 1 year programme of continuous development. We use an online development tool, Pathfinder.

Developing organisation performance

What does your organisation need, to be the best? Perhaps you know already and need these ideas confirmed or you may need help putting your strategy together. Edison have a number of ways to help you be the best! Improving Organisation Performance Is an organisational development programme which uses the ECI to assess your top team and thereafter considers aspects such as Leadership Performance, Resilience, Culture and Business Responsiveness.