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Please find outlined our specific terms of business, by booking a course online you are deemed by law to accept these terms.

If you find you are unwilling to agree to any of these terms in their entirety or feel they are unfair, please contact us and we will attempt to accommodate your wishes. It is our sincere desire to develop long lasting relationships with all our clients based on sound business practice, sinergy and trust.

  1. Confirmation of Bookings: We are very happy to take your bookings by fax, website, e-mail, or by telephone. Availability for a particular course can always be checked by telephone but no reservation can be confirmed verbally. In order to ensure accuracy of all the details, we ask that all bookings are always confirmed in writing (with a purchase order) or by website/e-mail (quoting a purchase order reference). The purchase order should then be faxed or posted to Edison as soon as possible after the booking has been made. Full joining instructions will be mailed direct to delegates 14 days prior to course commencement.
  2. Payment: When written confirmation of your booking is received, we will send an acknowledgement and raise an invoice in advance of the course. Invoices are due for payment 15 days before courses commence. VAT at the current rate is additional to the quoted fee. See also item 7.

    Payment by cheque made payable to:Edison Personal Development Limited
    Payment by BACS: Please telephone for details
  1. Non-residential Courses: Fees include coffee/tea, lunch and all conference facilities during the day. They do not include any overnight accommodation.
  2. Residential Courses: Fees include coffee/tea, lunch and all conference facilities during the day. They do not include overnight accommodation, meals or conference facilities and a separate rate is payable directly to the hotel. Although we very strongly advise against being non-resident on courses, which are designed to be residential, delegates who choose not to stay at the hotel will not be charged any additional rates for daily attendance. Course which are residential and have overnight accommodation etc included will have this stated in the individual booking information for that course. If you are in doubt about what your course fee covers, please contact us fir verification prior to booking.
  3. Cancellations: We regret that we cannot accept cancellations within 28 days of a course, although you are most welcome to send substitute delegates. Cancellations received more than 28 days in advance of the course are accepted without any cancellation charge or penalty. Please note that cancellations must be confirmed in writing (or by e-mail) and become effective only on the date received at Edison's office.

    If you need to cancel a place at any event less than 28 days before the start date of the event, cancellation fees will be levied as follows:
    • Between 27 days and 14 days from the start of the event, 50% of the fee
    • Less than 14 days before the start of the event, 100% of the fee
    • Transfers to other events can be made, if required, but will be subject to the same terms as an outright cancellation.

Edison reserves the right to change dates and venues, or in extreme cases to cancel training events. Edison will not be responsible for costs incurred by delegates when a training event is cancelled. Please do not make any travel or hotel arrangements until you have confirmed with Edison that the training event will take place. See also item 7.

  1. Transfers: Bookings which have been fully paid for by the due date (i.e. 28 days or more ahead of the course start date) may be transferred once without cost or penalty any time up to seven days before the course starts. Otherwise, transfers are subject to the same terms as cancellations in 5. above.

  2. Dynamic Progressive Pricing (DPP); Courses that are subject to DPP have special conditions attached to their bookings, concerning payment timings and cancellations. These specific conditions can be read by downloading the course information for these courses on the Edison website or by contacting a member of the Edison learning support team.

Consultancy/Coaching and Mentoring Services

  1. Once the organisation/delegate has agreed a date and time for a Edison Consultant contact, unless notice has been received in writing by Edison at least seven working days prior to the contact date, then the Edison Consultant contact will be made on the agreed date and time. Should the Edison Consultant be unable to make contact (three attempts will be made) and complete the Edison Consultant contact within forty five minutes of the agreed time, then the contact will be deemed to have been made.
  2. In the event that the nominated Edison Consultant is unable to make the contact on the agreed date and time, Edison reserve the right to either provide a substitute consultant or rearrange a mutually acceptable date and time for the contact.
  3. The contracting organisation and the delegate being consulted accepts that the Edison Consultant will discuss issues and activities in a general format and may suggest various options and approaches for consideration. Edison accephandshake imagets no responsibility whatsoever for any claims, damages or loss incurred by the delegate being consulted or the contracting organisation as a result of actions taken
    arising from discussions during an Edison Consultant contact.

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